Robust Acrylic Garage Mirrors for Sheltered Car Parking Areas

These garage mirrors are designed to improve visibility and safety for vehicle movements in parking garages and multi level or sheltered car park buildings. The ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) back also makes it ideal for sheltered external and industrial situations where blind corners are present.

This very versatile convex mirror will adjust to any angle to allow an optimal line of sight. These garage mirrors can be positioned wherever a blind spot exists to allow safer entry and exit from the parking garage as well as improving traffic flow.

These acrylic convex traffic mirrors are manufactured using only the highest grade materials to give years of service with low maintenance.

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12" garage mirror - SOLD OUT!
TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT! part number: 68020JP 12"diameter acrylic face, 2mm ..
$72.11 $45.07
18" garage mirror
part number: 68038JP 18"diameter acrylic face, 2mm thickness ..
$89.73 $56.09
24" garage mirror
part number: 68056JP 24"diameter acrylic face, 2mm thickness ..
$138.51 $86.57
32" garage mirror
art number: 68082JP 32"diameter acrylic face, 3mm thickness ..
$233.78 $154.61
LED warning sign
part number: 19005 17x7" LED sign with large 15x2" flashing red charac..
$312.87 $205.55